About Us

Consulting and services for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies from a single source.

We want to take your business to the next level. As a characteristic and interdisciplinary skilled team from all around the world, we help start-ups, pharmaceutical companies as well as foreign healthcare organizations to break into the market.

We offer services from supplying you with an expert in the field you need (e.g. experts for the Quality Assurance or Pharmacovigilance department) to the point of building up a turn-key pharmaceutical or medical technology organization.

Each of our individual customers gets the service which is needed at the point:

    • For start-up companies we step in with our knowledge about founding a company and how to scale-up. Thereby you as a customer can focus on the market and we take care of the rest.
    • With our specific market knowledge we offer companies a full of speed entry to new markets all from one hand.
    • Even spin-offs of small businesses and universities can profit from THE FORCE. We add the relevant market knowledge and implementation capacity to your academic know-how.
For corporates we offer our start-up gene code which helps you to recover agility. We call this Company-Diet-As-A-Service.